5 tips on selecting a photography class

1. Instructors experience.

Does the instructor have the experience it takes to answer your questions? Do they know your brand of camera? How long have they been shooting and teaching and most importantly do you like their work (Check their web site)?   Chip Weiner has been a photographer for 30 years,  has been teaching photography for 10 years and knows all models of cameras. He is also a working photo journalist. His tales of recent photographic assignments and challenges will help you think more like a photographer (and are usually pretty funny). Whether you are taking pictures of your kids or thinking of going pro, having an experienced working instructor who is up to date is important.

 2. Instructors style.  

Some photography instructors talk over the heads of people trying to learn more. Most beginner and intermediate students aren't looking to be a fine art photographer or the next great celebrity portrait maker (yet). They are trying to figure out the best way to operate their camera and get the photos they want to make. They need someone who can explain things at ground level to get them going. Then they can move to what's next. Take a look at these comments from past participants and see what they say.  

3. Cost.

Are you getting enough bang for your buck? What does it cost you per hour to learn? Is the class long enough to get you really understanding what you are doing, or is it too short to convey learning? How much does the class cover? You need more than a few hours or a couple of days when you are starting out. Be careful with classes that promise to deliver a lot of information in 3 or 4 classes/hours. Can you wrap your brain around that much info in a short amount of time? On the other hand, most people looking for photography classes in Tampa aren't looking for long college courses that cost big money or require you to be part of a program. In those classes registration is difficult and some of the instructors are students themselves. Most people want a class that's just right. It is long enough to cover the needed information but doesn't take months to complete.

4. Location.

Most of us are pretty busy trying to stretch every hour we have to get what we need. Having a central location for classes with good and secure parking, or getting some live instruction from the comfort of your living room via the internet makes learning easier and convenient.

5. Face time.

Online photography classes and tutorials are great. There is an abundance of information on the internet. But many students I have worked with have unique questions about the settings on their camera or a specific problem they ran into that tutorials just can't answer. There is time in every class (and after) to get your questions answered. I am also available by email (and sometimes telephone) to answer your questions, even after class is over.

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For information on other Tampa photography classes, digital photography classes, and Tampa photography workshops feel free to call me or look under the Tampa Photography Classes section. I also give private individual instruction on camera operation and making better photographs and would love to work with you one on one to make you a better photographer. Photography instruction gift certificates are also available. They make great gifts for the photo enthusiast in your life. Let's talk about what you need! 813-786-7780. See you in class!


Chip Weiner is an award winning photo journalist and food photographer in Tampa. He has been a photography instructor for 9 years.