Rasoi Ad using copyrighted images


Rasoi Indian Cuisine ad.jpg

The photos were used for over 2 months without permission for clearly commercial purposes

"""    Invoice                Invoice Number: 1218-804        
Payment is due in arrears. Images used without permission for on line and print advertising                             
TO:    Rasoi Indian Cuisine                        
    1701 E 8th Ave                        
     Tampa, Florida 33605                        
            Payable Upon Reciept                
        Invoice Date        Follow Up Date            
            150.00    0    150.00        
            Total Amount Due    Pre-Paid    Balance    Pay By    
Date        Client    Description        Total    Cost    Total
6/27/2018        Rasoi Indian Cuisine    License for the use of 2 photographs        2    75.00    150.00
            for Creative Loafing advertising for 9 issues                
            Single, 1 use retroactive license for print and on line                
                    SubTotal        150.00
Chip Weiner                            
Chip Weiner Photographic Arts LLC                            
3623 W Tacon St                            
Tampa. FL 33629                    Total Due        150.00
Balance due upon receipt