Student Testimonials

I have had the wonderful opportunity to teach hundreds of students about the art and fun of photography. Here are some comments and testimonials from students of Photo 101, Intermediate Photography, and Digital Darkroom Classes


I’m finally able to take my digital SLR off of automatic.  I am able to think more like a photographer now.  Thoroughly enjoyable and helpful.  Chip was wonderful.  (Photo 101 student) 

Excellent blend of technical and creative knowledge.  My camera buttons are no longer a mystery!  A Mac Daddy of a course. 

I took an introductory photography class at USF and found this class to be so much better.  Chip presents real life techniques and tricks of the trade.  I really enjoyed the class.  (Photo 101 student) 

[I am] much more comfortable with my camera and being more creative with my shots-enjoyed reading assignments-will definitely continue shooting.  Chip was very enthusiastic and encouraging to all.  I think he’s very knowledgeable and is a very natural teacher.  The content was nicely organized and presented so that all can understand.  Thanks for the experience!

 I feel I now understand and see more clearly what had seemed confusing about my digital camera and digital photography.  Chip is contagiously enthusiastic.  He is a natural teacher and has a real talent for teaching both creative and technical issues..

 I needed every single aspect of this class: I’m a complete neophyte!  Chip was the perfect instructor.  [He was] articulate, funny, and nonjudgmental, an effective communicator; etc..  I would take any class he offers and will recommend him highly.  This is my first introduction to the museum aside from the annual members show  and it alone was worth my membership. 

It helped me take my camera off auto.  It gave me ideas on composition and made me think about what I want to express with my photos.  Chip is a great instructor.  He answered all our questions.  We just wanted the class to go on forever!!

 Excellent class.  Lots of great information put in an easy to understand format with weekly assignments that reinforce what is taught.  Worth every penny-looking forward to taking the intermediate class.

 Chip made everyone feel like they could ask any question.  He is very approachable.  He is a far better instructor than many of my college professors.  This is a fantastic class that I have already recommended to many people.  Thank you!

I found this class to be very interesting.  He definitely has a passion for photography and it shows what he teaches which makes it fun and interesting class.  He is also very good at keeping of professional and un-intimidating for less experience photographers. 

Great instructor.  Very knowledgeable!

 Chip encouraged us to use the manual function on our cameras.  And I love that there was no wrong answers and that we were encouraged to be creative.  Chip rocks!

 Great teacher, love the class, have signed up for more classes already.

 [This class] helped boost my confidence level with respect to my ability to use my camera and take great pictures.  Thanks so much!

 I found this class very beneficial.  After years, I finally understand the F stops and shutter speeds!

 I’ve learned how to compose photos and what most of the controls on my cameras do.  It’s given me a solid base to move forward from.  Great class.  I’ve already recommended it to our friend and she has signed up for the next photo 101.

 Explanations given were very good.  I have read a lot about what he has taught that did not take or make sense.  Chips explanations and examples did.

 I learned different tricks, options, and ways to do what I wanted to do to fix or change pictures.

 [The digital darkroom class] gave me an intro to the Photoshop Elements box (showed me what they do)-also-in the class met all my goals-learn how to place copyright symbol (watermark), clean skin (tattoos) and whiten eyes and teeth-as well as clone.  Great class.  Great instructor.  Would recommend it to my family and friends!!

 I could take it 10 times and learn something each time.

 I was clue less about everything photography before this class…  Gaining creativity on taking pictures was what I gained the most.

 The explanations of my camera settings were beneficial.  Chip is wonderful, motivating an entertaining, informative and knowledgeable.

 I found this class very inspirational and beneficial.  I learned every aspect of my camera I need to know to grow as a photographer.  Great class.  Great instructor.

 I’m finally getting a handle on AV- TV – ISO and the relationship between all.  Enjoyed the critique section of this class.

 I just purchased my digital SLR and was unfamiliar with all of its functions.  This class taught me how to use my camera.  I had to think ahead about taking pictures.  The instructor was very helpful and knowledgeable.

I bought my “nice” camera (digital SLR) and wanted to know more.  This class help explain a lot of the workings.  I learned a lot about composition.  I find myself looking at things differently; thinking about what would be an interesting photo.

 I learned how and when to change my ISO, aperture plus f-stop, [composition], lighting, and rule of thirds.  Thank you for your uplifting and inspiring attitudes to inspire others to take great pictures.  Very positive and  great attitude brought to class every time.

 Class was the perfect level for me.  Really expanded on my knowledge of the subjects covered.  Kudos to chip-great presentation of material

 Chip taught a great introductory class.

 [The class] made me think I can actually be a photographer if I practice what I learned here.  Chip is a great teacher.  Very inspiring and knowledgeable.

 I was able to learn more about my camera and about composure of photograph.  He challenged me out of my comfort zone.  It was easy to understand and not an overwhelming amount of information.  I can’t think of a thing to change.

 I learned how to use the different tools on my camera.  I enjoyed the assignments: they caused me to take many different types of new photos.

 Excellent.  Very motivational.  He translated his passion and his knowledge.  Even if there was a very hard assignment to me (having kids, working, etc.) it was absolutely nothing.  He is a great teacher.  Thank you!!

 Very good class.  Your knowledge and enthusiasm for your craft are very inspiring.  Thank you!!

 [The class helped me] figure out what settings to use to get the effect I want.  I truly enjoyed this class, the home work forced me to think about my picture and expand my comfort zone.  It showed me that I like taking marketing photos and looking for “stories”.

 A great introduction to taking photos with more accuracy and knowledge.  The instructor was so enthusiastic about his craft which made me excited about learning how to take better photos.  Thank you.

 Chip creates a very comfortable environment in which to learn.  The info is presented well and easy to understand.  I would love to take the intermediate level class.

 I found this class very beneficial.  I will be leaving with a great new knowledge of photography and my camera.

 The class greatly expanded my knowledge of Photoshop Elements.  Wonderful class, extremely knowledgeable teacher.

 I learned so many things that I had been trying to do on my own.

 Every question I had while I long for my camera to magically speak to me was answered.  Thank you!  Your ability to balance exposing your expertise in giving us the room to feel like able amateurs really motivated me to trust my instincts and look forward to your opinions.

 Assignments help dramatically to make oneself familiar with the camera (functions/ capabilities).  Seeing other people’s photos allowed for different views/ideas to see.

 Great class-was nervous about class critique but Chip made it fun and informative.  I got lazy with my auto settings-this got me back to basics.  Chip is a great instructor-not too technical, good practical examples, helpful crew teas, hammers home the basic concepts.

 Being a beginner I honestly learned something new every week.   My photos are much better and I really enjoy taking pictures more.  I had a lot of fun.  Thank you.

Being able to see examples and how they were achieved was awesome.  Learned a lot.  Homework assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me think.

It was very beneficial.  I can I use my digital SLR without using presets.  I know how to use the AV + TV settings and I know when to use them.  Great teacher.  Made learning fun!

It forced me to give more thought about how I take pictures, fine tuning, explore different ways to shoot as far as lighting and composition.

I love it.  I learned so much about my camera and photography in general.  Content was perfect and Chip was an excellent teacher.

Photographic knowledge has been expanded and have much better understanding of my camera and photography in general.  Chip does a great job in presenting the material in a way that is easy for the student to understand.  Would definitely sign up for another class of his.

Information-packed and inspiring as hell!  Thank you for offering this class.  Loved it.  Chip is so passionate about photographer.  Inspired me to try things I would never have thought I could do.