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Chip Weiner is a Tampa based food photographer, photojournalist, and photography class instructor. He specializes in restaurant food and product photography. 

Chip Weiner Photographic Arts

War is not the answer from Tampa Based photojournalist Chip Weiner


Tough and experienced freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist

Steelbach Duck Breast for Tampa food photos

Restaurant and Food Photography

Location and studio services available. Experienced in print, advertising, cookbook, and restaurant photography. Able to meet tight publication deadlines

See the food blog- Photog-Foodie- with food reviews and great tips for photographing food

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Photography Classes

Come and learn how to use your camera and how to take better photographs

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Life Through the Viewfinder

Thoughts on 30 years as a photographer

About My Blogs

Whether you are looking for tips for better photographs or are trying to improve your food photography chops, check out my blogs for tips and reviews


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