This shot was taken at sunset using the techniques discussed in this safari. Come and learn what how to do it.

 Florida sunsets are legendary! Downtown Tampa is beautiful at night. Come and learn camera techniques and settings for shooting both. We will start with sailboats and a sunset, and then venture to a location to shoot the downtown skyline, which is perfect for practicing nighttime photography. This is a great opportunity to learn the techniques to shoot in low and variable light and capture the sunset as well as out beautiful downtown landscape at night

Come have fun as we venture to two different sites and capture our outstanding city. Participants will need a tripod for this venture. Participation is limited to 12 people to allow for one on one coaching from the leader (if needed).the "Golden Hour" sky. Come and let me work with you one on one to really understand while shooting your camera.


Learn to take great shots like this of our downtown landscape using the right settings and tools.

Pictures taken during the Golden Hour are warm and lit perfectly. Part of this class is dedicated to learning to use this light to make great shots!

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Portraits at sunset can be challenging because the light is behind your subject. We will discuss the techniques needed to take shots like this.

Shooting during the Golden hour (45 min. before the sun goes down) will also be discussed and practiced. It is some of the most beautiful light of the entire day

 Techniques for capturing awesome portraits at sunset will also be demonstrated. Bring your hot shoe flash if you have one.  

Pre-requisites include Photo 101 or a working knowledge of the manual and semi automatic modes of your camera. Equipment best suited for night photos will have an adjustable ISO, a long shutter speed of at least 10 seconds, and the ability to manually control the f-stop.

Please bring your cameras, sturdy tripod, a small garbage bag, light rain suit and camera manuals if you are unfamiliar with the dials.

 Sunset/Downtown Safari Photography Classes for 2014 are currently scheduled as follows:

March 13, 2014- 7:00PM

Cost is $49.95 for 3 hours of class and one on one instruction.

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  If you have questions, please call the instructor Chip Weiner 813-786-7780.