Private Photography Lessons

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So you just got a new camera or you want a photography refresher course? Maybe you have had your camera for a while and want to learn to take it off automatic but don't have time for a several- week class. No matter what, I provide one on one instruction with your camera equipment (or use my loaner SLR) In a short time you will have a better working knowledge of shutter speeds, apertures, ISO, and be taking better shots.!

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We can also concentrate on a specific genre of photography. Want to learn to take better portraits? How about sports photos? Need to take some product shots? We can get together and discuss these (and other) techniques, equipment, and lighting techniques.

We will set up a time and place to meet to review your equipment and your knowledge. We will then shoot photos in the studio or on location. Bring your camera, your manual, and all of your questions*. If you are already an experienced shooter and need a little kick we can do that too.

* You will get more from our time together if you are somewhat familiar with your camera. Prior to our meeting together, charge up the batteries and spend some time learning where the buttons are (even if you don’t know what they do).

Individual Camera Instruction $75.00 per hour per person in South Tampa. Give me a call and let's discuss 813-786-7780

Be careful in choosing a private photography instructor. Some people in the area offering private instruction may not have the years of experience needed to get you the knowledge you need. Check their websites, look at their work, and be sure they are experienced enough to teach you what you want to learn. I have heard some pretty bad stories of wasted money from clients taking lessons from photographers who have only been shooting for a few years (sometimes less)! Be sure they are familiar with all brands of cameras and how to work them. Education is expensive. Spend your money wisely!