Whether you are a beginner or intermediate photo editor there are always new things to be learned. Individual photo editing instruction will be tailored to your needs from learning the tools for editing photos to creating your own works of art, photo books, newsletters and greeting cards. 

Editing portraits is an important skill if you photograph people, and some of the most requested lessons I teach. Don't rely on quick fix software that leaves your clients with plastic looking skin and fake eyes. Portrait retouching needs finesse and a light but effective touch.

Compositing photos is another powerful function of editing software.

Original images for composite

Original images for composite

Composited image using Photoshop

Composited image using Photoshop

Photo editing takes time and practice, but can produce some really cool results.


Creatively changing backgrounds can add flair to your photos and promotional materials


Selective Black and White photos as well as desaturating photos can make your images pop!

You can learn about the use of layers, changing backgrounds, taking  people out of a photo, and changing hair or eye color.



No, this isn’t the original Starbucks

But it could be…

You can even learn how to do Photoshop Tattoos!

Cost For Private Photoshop Lessons

$75 per hour in South Tampa

Let’s get busy. You will get more from our time together if you are familiar with the general operation of your computer and have at least experimented some with your editing software.

I use Photoshop Creative  Cloud and can work with students who have Photoshop Elements or Corel Paint Shop Pro

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